Dierk Bentley is “Living” Large on His Birthday

Country Star Turns 44 Today

One can only hope that Dierks Bentley is as euphoric on his 44th birthday today (Nov. 20) as he was in the music video for “Living,” his latest hit. In it, he looks to be having more fun than a gazelle bounding across a field of trampolines as he runs and tumbles with his adoring son. He’s the very model of a doting father.

Now contrast the Daddy Dierks of that video with the hot-blooded young buck we see in his first video — “What Was I Thinkin'” — which came out in 2003. There he’s the bane of an ill-tempered, shotgun-wielding father who’s determined to protect his daughter from Young Dierks’ lascivious advances.

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