After Dark Times, Grace Potter Steps Into Daylight

Album Offers "Love Is Love," "Repossession"

The experience of listening to Grace Potter’s new album, Daylight, is similar to sneaking into her den, throwing every vinyl record and diary page into the air, then letting it all settle at your feet. Dig around and there’s the exhilaration of new love, but also the devastation of acknowledged that you’ve hurt people on the way. There’s righteous rock ‘n’ roll, shades of country, and cool R&B (especially with frequent appearances by the band Lucius), along with confessional folk and pop influences in the way she writes.

“Love Is Love” is particularly poignant because she composed it with her new husband, producer Eric Valentine, and his good friend Mike Busbee, who died suddenly just a month before the album was released. On a happier note, Potter and Valentine welcomed a baby boy, Sagan, in January 2018, and Potter relocated from her longtime home base in Vermont to the artistic community of Topanga Canyon, California.

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