CMT Hot 20 Decade: “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” Luke Combs

“It Was the Most Rockin’ Thing We Have”

Editor’s Note: CMT Hot 20 Countdown takes a look back on 10 years of incredible music with Decade, a weekly segment that features a modern country classic that made its greatest impact between 2010 and 2019. This week, Luke Combs talk about his 2019 single, “Beer Never Broke My Heart.” CMT Hot 20 Countdown airs at 9/8c Saturday and Sunday mornings.

CMT: Take me back to when you wrote “Beer Never Broke My Heart.”

LC: I’d had that title in my phone for a long time and I always thought it was super neat. I was actually on the road my first headlining tour, I can’t exactly remember, I think we were in Kansas I believe. And it was Jonathan Singleton and Randy Montana on the bus with me. I’d thrown this idea out to them and they really loved it. And heck, by the time I got back to the bus from soundcheck it felt like they had half of it written without me anyways, which usually ends up for the better!

And so they played me what they had on it. They made a little demo right there on the bus. I was like, “Man, this just feels like right.” I wanted it to be fun and feel like an anthem-y thing and I think they knocked it out of the park with that vibe right out of the gate. We got back together in town a couple of weeks later and finished it and it felt like next thing we knew it was out and No. 1 before I could blink my eyes almost. It was pretty wild.

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