When Luke Combs’ Fans Needed Him, He Was There for Them

The 16 Questions and His 16 Answers That Prove That He Loves His Fans Right Back

On Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 11), Luke Combs did what any artist with a growing fanbase should do. He loved his fans right back.

He opened up Twitter for a Q&A with his fans, answering questions about everything from beer and dogs and sports to teachers and Post Malone and his old Vine videos.

Here is the Q&A in its entirety, and in chronological order:

Q. There’s a video online of you singing an untitled song, some people think it could be titled “Without You”. First it’s about you’re parents then Nicole then the fans. Will we ever see that song on an upcoming album??

A. As y’all know, I like giving y’all what you want! Is this a song y’all want?! Here’s a link if you haven’t heard it:

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