Stephanie Quayle Shows Her Silly Side in “Whatcha Drinkin ‘Bout”

She's One of CMT's Next Women of Country

Stephanie Quayle knows that results come from hard work, and in 2019, she performed at the Grand Ole Opry in honor of Dolly Parton, accepted a lunch invitation from Reba McEntire, and sang alongside Lukas Nelson, Willie Nelson and Bonnie Raitt at one of Willie’s concerts. Of course, Quayle will be on the road again in 2020, performing music from her new EP, If I Was a Cowboy.

A Montana native, Quayle has been playing shows since she was a teenager, when she spent a year of high school in Switzerland and happened to hear about a local band needing a lead singer. After pursuing her dream of being an entertainer in California, she had the epiphany to move to Nashville, where she discovered the power of songwriting.

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“I love to make people laugh,” she says. “And I think I take my work very seriously. I don’t take myself very seriously.”

One of CMT’s Next Women of Country, Quayle dropped by CMT in December to make the season bright — and to share her brand new video, “Whatcha Drinkin ‘Bout.”

CMT: Did you like starring as the bartender in the video for “Whatcha Drinkin ‘Bout?”

SQ: I mean, here’s the thing. In real life, when I was carrying drinks, I didn’t have that job very long. I remember the day when I got fired because I was carrying red wine and I tripped. And that red wine went on a white shirt and those were the ends of my carrying cocktail days.

But bartending is therapy, right? The bartenders get the inside scoops. I loved playing that. It’s really fun. And then trying to get the cowboy’s attention, obviously being the end game.

Even if you have to lay your head on the bar.

Even if you have to whip your hair! We probably have hours of bloopers from that part of it, because my husband David [who plays the cowboy in the video] is very good at being serious and he just was stone cold. It wasn’t like he was acting, he was really ignoring me!

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