Charles Esten Sings About Christmas from Joseph’s View

He Releases "On the Road to Bethlehem"

Charles Esten, known to country fans as Deacon Claybourne in Nashville, is taking on another role in his new holiday single, “On the Road to Bethelem.” Co-written with Nashville co-star Mark Collie, the song features Esten on guitar, harmonica, and vocals, as he as shares the Christmas story through Joseph’s eyes.

“I had in mind to write a new Christmas song, and was trying to do so from a perspective I hadn’t heard very often,” Esten says. “It occurred to me that, although I’m sure some exist, I couldn’t think of any songs from Joseph’s point-of-view, and that it would have been a fairly complicated and interesting one, at that. Out on that road, he would have been feeling powerful emotions while ruminating on some unbelievably weighty new information. I wanted to touch on that in a way that also had a simplicity to it.”

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