Ingrid Andress: “I’m a Sucker For All Emotional Songs”

Read Her Interview With CMT's Katie Cook

Ingrid Andress emerged as a new voice in country music with this year’s poignant single, “More Hearts Than Mine.” A world traveler at heart, the thoughtful singer-songwriter caught up with CMT Hot 20 Countdown host Katie Cook in New York City for a chat.

CMT: So, Ingrid, you’ve been a songwriter for a while. In fact, I understand that you didn’t really want to start your artist career until you truly felt ready. What was the turning point, when you were like, “It’s time”?

Ingrid Andress: I think when I started to write songs that were more true to my own stories. When I started songwriting, I just kind of wrote about whatever everybody else wanted to write about. And it was fun, but I think the more that I started learning about who I really was as a person and what I cared about, I started making my songs a little more personal. And it became harder and harder to give them away to other artists because they were just — they were my stories. And so I was like, “OK, I think it’s time now.”

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