Cam’s Baby Arrives After Long, Arduous Journey

Welcome to the World, Lucy Marvel Weaver

Country singer Cam and her husband Adam Weaver welcomed their baby girl Lucy Marvel Weaver on Saturday (Dec. 21), and shared a gallery of pictures of their bundle of joy on Instagram.

But Lucy certainly didn’t take the easy way out. Cam admits that the baby was in a breech position, which means she was kind of upside down. Or, feet first rather than head first. So her doctors performed a C-section and as Cam said, “Here we are…three of us now.”

A few days before the baby was born, Cam shared that she was prepping for a 2020 album release but was struggling with what she thinks of as a penalty of motherhood.

“Besides snacking & resting my big ol belly during these last days of pregnancy,” she wrote, “I’ve been planning out how best to coordinate my 2020 album release schedule with my breastfeeding schedule. Boss mom sh*t! Did you know that full-time working mamas, regardless of their education level, their age, where they live in the US, or their occupation, are paid less than dads? An even bigger wage gap than the normal gender discrepancy. You can check out the stats at if you wanna think more about how this affects all of us.”

Then again, Cam celebrated her pregnancy nearly every day, with joyful photos and inspiring messages. Like the time she got a parental pep talk from Darius Rucker, and the time she admitted that compression socks were her new normal.

And then there was this gem from her dressing room somewhere in Europe: