Goodbye to All That: Country Songs of Farewell

Luke Combs, More Stars Say "See Ya"

Whether you bid 2019 goodbye with misty eyes, a companionable wave or an upraised middle finger, this is a good time to recall just how fluent and varied country songs are in saying “Farewell,” “So long,” “Adieu,” “Adios,” “Au revoir,” “Catch you later,” “Do you have to go,” “Until we meet again,” “Good riddance” and “Piss off!” Here are 25 examples of that genre to savor before 2020 hits us like Gretchen Wilson on a four-wheeler.

“Even Though I’m Leaving,” Luke Combs (2019)

Let the tears begin. Nothing is quite as emotionally wrenching for both parties as the separation of parent and child. And when the separation has the open-endedness of going off to war or dying of old age, the agony can only be tempered by the assurance of enduring love. If you’re moved by this one, check out Conway Twitty’s 1987 classic, “That’s My Job.”

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