How Ingrid Andress Prepared Me to Meet My Daughter’s Boyfriend

"More Hearts Than Mine" Is So Relatable, It's Almost Like She Was There

My daughter brought her boyfriend home for the holidays this year, and I was woefully unprepared for this kind of emotional rollercoaster.

Then I listened to “More Hearts Than Mine” — the debut single from Ingrid Andress — a few more times, and I listened a little harder. And she schooled me on exactly how the inevitable introduction would go.

I’d fall in love a little faster.

My husband would check his tires and pour him whiskey over ice.

My other daughter would ask him a million questions.

And her high school friends would buy him drinks and fill him in on all the crazy nights she can’t outlive.

And that is exactly how things turned out, which means that to me, Andress is the most relatable singer-songwriter right now. How could she have known? How can a song predict what may have happened and what may potentially happen? And is she right, that if this boy breaks my daughter’s heart, that he’ll be breaking more hearts than hers?

Art imitates life, people say, but in this case, life is imitating art.

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