After 30 Years, Clint Black Is Writing, Touring, and Still Killin’ Time

He Adds Two Studio Tracks to New Live Album

Clint Black built the foundation for a ’90s explosion of country music with his impeccable 1989 debut album, Killin’ Time. A traditionalist with a Texas twang, the singer-songwriter brought a youthful energy and an appealing look to the mainstream scene after cultivating an audience in clubs.

Thirty years later, the singer-songwriter is looking back with Still Killin’ Time, a combination of live tracks and two new songs from the Killin’ Time era recorded especially for this project. A Grand Ole Opry member since 1991, Black chatted with CMT about those old days as well as “This Old House,” his new single and music video. It’s been 30 years since you released your album Killin’ Time. Your videos were playing non-stop on CMT at that time. How important were those first few music videos when you were establishing yourself as a new artist?

Black: I remember CMT was just getting started. There weren’t a lot of videos made at that point, but we were starving for them. We loved them back home, and we just couldn’t get enough of them. My first thought in making a record was, “Am I going to get to make a video?” I felt like I had to, so my mind was focused on that, since it hadn’t come up with the record company.

I had a show in Belton, Texas, which was at the Bell County Expo Center. I called my manager at the time and said, “I have a show coming up, maybe we can shoot some footage and get ready to make a music video,” and we did. I’m sure the record company would have wanted a music video for our new song, but regardless, I was pushing for it. I really wanted a video out there.

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