Dustin Lynch Tells Small Town Stories in Tullahoma

New Album Offers “Good Girl,” "Ridin' Roads"

Dustin Lynch is sharing the stories of small town America in Tullahoma, named for his own Tennessee Hometown. Already he’s landed back-to-back No. 1 hits with its first two singles, “Good Girl” and “Ridin’ Roads.”

During a visit to CMT, he chatted about a few of its other tracks, his Cowboys and Angels Fund, and the best place to impress a girl in Nashville.

CMT: You’ve often described Tullahoma as a complete body of work. What kind of a theme would you say ties these songs together?

DL: That’s my hometown. That’s what ties it together and the reason I think we ended up where we did is because my producer Zach Crowell and I set out to make an album that was for the small town boys and the small town girls. We kind of have this mental picture of what guy that is and who that is, what that character is, and so from day one we set out to write every lyric for him and for her.

And as we were writing songs, as we were listening to songs, if it didn’t check all the boxes for those characters, then they wouldn’t make the pile that we’d look at to record. So I think that’s why we ended up where we did. It was just a natural thing. I didn’t set out to make an album about my hometown. It was for the small town boys and girls.

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