Midland Bring Back “Cheatin’ Songs” to the Palomino Club

Live Album Drops February 28

For their new video, “Cheatin’ Songs,” Midland revived one of the most iconic music venues in Los Angeles — The Palomino Club, a fabled spot that closed in 1995 after decades of prominence in the West Coast country and rock communities. Through the magic of film and the sweat of their team, Midland captured the ‘70s and ‘80s heyday with a show at the North Hollywood honky-tonk, to be released as the 10-song album Midland Live from the Palomino on February 28.

“I think when you’re playing live, you’re really looking for a song to get everybody groovin’, and the cool thing about when we play that song live, you watch the whole audience start doing this thing,” says lead singer Mark Wystrach, suddenly getting his groove on, even though he’s seated on a sofa outside the CMT studio alongside his bandmates Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy. “And when you’re playing it, it makes you feel that way too, and I think that’s part of the magic.”

Check out the video and read our exclusive interview below the player.

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