Lee Brice: What’s Next After “Happy Now”?

Fingers Crossed He'll Have New Music Ready in a Month

On his way to a Nashville songwriting session with Adam Wood and Ashley Gorley, Lee Brice stopped by the CMT offices to talk about, well, songwriting.

But first, that duet.

Brice’s duet with Carly Pearce — “I Hope You’re Happy Now” — is one that he had a feeling would be a hit. “But then again, it’s so hard to tell if a song will be a hit on the radio. But I knew people would love it, so I knew it would be a hit with people,” Brice told me of the top ten tune. “As soon as it hit the charts, though, radio was jumping all over it and saying it was a smash. That’s always a really good sign.

“In my heart I knew, but you never really know. It’s on fire now. Heck, I feel blessed to be a part of that moment in music. To have my voice on the radio,” he said, “I’m always grateful for that.”

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