Calamity Jane Play That Fiddle Hard in “Devil Went Down to Georgia” Video

Charlie Daniels Band Classic Gets an Update

As country fans, we’ve all heard about the devil who went down to Georgia — but never, ever like this. This vivacious version by Calamity Jane is a modern homage to the original song by Charlie Daniels Band. Lucy Cantley’s remarkable playing is bolstered here by Camille Rae’s impassioned vocal, injecting a new spirit into the track.

In this reimagined version of “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” Lucy faces her own demons — moving away from home, criticism, and self-doubt. Ultimately, the triumph of this story takes place when Lucy shakes it off, puts her music stand aside (representing the crutch for her insecurities), rosins up the bow and plays that fiddle hard.

Take a look at Calamity Jane’s new video, “Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

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