Women’s History Month: The Shifting Landscape of the ’70s and ’80s

Read About Crystal Gayle, Reba, the Judds, Emmylou Harris, Barbara Mandrell, and More

Just say their names and you instantly hear their voices: Crystal Gayle, the Judds, Reba McEntire, Emmylou Harris, Barbara Mandrell. Musical Amazons all.

The 1970s and ’80s resounded with the sounds of new and distinctively individual female artists, few of whom focused on such traditional country themes as mother and home, the comforts of family or the pains of separation from rural or small-town life. Theirs was a wider, more complex world. Before singling them out for their particular achievements, though, it’s important to note that these women reached artistic maturity while adjusting to a musical landscape that was rapidly changing and becoming more culturally homogenized.

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