Ten Songs Packed with the Luck o’ the Irish

Considering the Mystic Ways of Fate on St. Patrick's Day

Ah, ’tis St. Patrick’s Day today, a time during which we all salute the fabled “luck of the Irish,” drink repulsively green beer and shelter in place against the monstrously unlucky spread of the coronavirus.

It’s also a time to cue up songs that focus on human fortune, both good and bad. While we all can’t be showered with good luck, we can all sing about it as these folk have done so well.

Please note that these tunes are arranged in the order they lucked out on the Billboard charts.

1. “Unanswered Prayers”
(Garth Brooks, No. 1, 1990)
As Brooks reminds us here, the luckiest things sometime come our way in the guise of the worst things. That guy or girl who broke our heart in high school doesn’t look nearly so alluring now shoving those screaming kids into a minivan.

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