Yes, Kelsea Ballerini Overshares, But She Does It With Grace and Bravery

And She Hopes That Country Music Wil Not Be Mad at Her

Before you even listen to Kelsea Ballerini’s music, just listening to Kelsea Ballerini talk about the music will kind of be like music to your ears.

Her third album Kelsea will be out on Friday (March 20), and in a recent radio interview, she had a lot to say about what went into her favorites from the 13 tracks, and what she set out to do with this project packed with oversharing.

But first, the title.

“The album kind of named itself. To be honest, I didn’t really have a theme like I did on my last record. I just wrote for two years,” she said, “and when I was sifting through my favorite songs it kind of seemed like it was a very self-aware, self-discovery period of my life. Which is why I named it Kelsea. Because it felt like if you listen to the 13 songs, we’d be on a first name basis after that.”

The first track “Overshare,” Ballerini admitted, is going to be exactly that.

The next one she talked about, “Homecoming Queen?” is more of a metaphor. “I wasn’t the homecoming queen. But I wrote it with Nicolle Galyon who was the homecoming queen in high school. So we kind of had both perspectives on that. But honestly, I was just in a season of my life where I put myself into this spiral of working and working and working and working,” she said, adding that Galyon reassured her, “You show up on time and you’re nice to everybody and you’re remember names and you’re successful. Like you’re the homecoming queen.” After hearing that, and having a good cry about it, Ballerini said she shared how insecure she was feeling. “And so it’s about having grace for yourself when you’re having those moments, but also having grace for everyone else not knowing their full story.”

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