Keith Urban Dedicates His 2nd Underground Show to Healthcare Workers

Proof That Nicole Kidman Is Urban's No. 1 Super Fan

The latest Urban Underground show wasn’t just for Keith Urban’s fans and followers. It was for everyone on the front lines of the battle to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Urban had his wife Nicole Kidman by his side when they started the show from his home studio, and together they shared that this show was a dedication of sorts.

“I want to start by thanking everybody — all the healthcare workers — we want to dedicated this performance today to you, to all of you first responders out there, and all of the families and friends that are supporting you through this time,” Urban said. He later reiterated, “Nic and I and our girls thank everybody in the healthcare field everywhere. We are so well aware of what you’re doing day and night. And it is day and night.”

“We are right there with you, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We’re gonna try to bring a bit of sunshine into your screens,” Urban said as he strummed his ganjo. And once the show got started, Kidman was Urban’s biggest fan dancing barefoot to all his uptempo songs, listening intently to the ballads, laughing at all his jokes and backing him on a cover from the “late, great” Kenny Rogers.

Full set list from the 30-minute show:

“Never Comin’ Down”

“You Gonna Fly”

“Somewhere in My Car”

Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler”

“God Whispered Your Name”

“Wasted Time”

Urban also promised that the video for his new “God Whispered Your Name” was coming out very, very soon. Stay tuned for details.

Watch the full Urban Underground here:

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