Hayes Hurd (and His Parents) Are Now Taking Requests

The Suggestion Box for Lullabies Is Now Open

It sounds like Hayes Hurd — the one-day-old son of Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd — is not a huge fan of Morris’ “The Bones.”

When the Irish alternative artist Hozier, who sang a collaborative version of the song with Morris, shared on Twitter on Tuesday (March 24) that one of his fans used the ballad to calm the baby down, Morris admitted it wasn’t working for her own baby boy.

“This is too much for words,” Morris replied to Hozier. “I will say, the same thing doesn’t work for my baby.”

So if her own songs aren’t acting like lullabies for Hayes, what else could she sing to quiet his cries and sing him to sleep?

I suggested the songs that soothed my own babies 100 years ago: Alan Jackson’s “Buicks to the Moon,” Randy Travis’ “Too Gone Too Long,” and Clint Black’s “Like the Rain.”

Then Black added his own ideas.

What else could Morris and Hurd use? If you have country songs that always work/worked to keep your baby happy — no matter how obscure or vintage — let Morris and Hurd know. New parents need all the help they can get, virtually and otherwise.

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