Clay Walker: A Few Questions About His Biggest Hits, New Music

"This Woman, This Man" Turns 25 This Month

For the first time ever, Clay Walker fans can now find his 2003 album for RCA Records, A Few Questions, on all digital platforms. By email, the country star offered some insight about that project, his deep catalog of hits, and what’s coming up next.

CMT: Why is this album, A Few Questions, special to you?

Walker: It was never released digitally and it’s always puzzled me as to why. This is one of the best albums I’ve ever recorded and I feel like it was ahead of its time.

Listening now, are there any songs on the album that you might consider “the one that got away”?

“I Can’t Forget Her” is a song that takes me to a magical place and the production is epic. I think every song on this album could have been a single on the radio.

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