How Forever Feels: 10 Kenny Chesney Hits That Stand the Test of Time

"She's Got It All," "Don't Blink" "American Kids" Among Superstar's Modern Classics

No one paid much attention to Kenny Chesney when he charted his first single, “Whatever It Takes,” in 1993. After all, country music was riding a tidal wave back then, and it was easy for a new artist on an independent label, as Chesney was, to get lost. That year, Garth Brooks had four No. 1s, while “Whatever It Takes” stiffed at No. 59.

Some of us had seen Chesney hanging out at Opryland Music offices, where he’d landed a job as a staff writer, and a few may have even heard him pounding out cover tunes at The Turf honky-tonk on Nashville’s Lower Broadway. Yeah, he was good. But a superstar-in-embryo? Hardly.

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