All the Ways Luke Combs Is Making the Most of This Quarantine

Nine Things He's Done to Stay Busy and Stay in Touch with Fans

Everyone’s quarantine looks a little bit different. Some people may be eating too much, drinking too much, or binge-watching too much. And some people may be working too much, and we’re not mad that Luke Combs is one of those guys.

Even though we are in a concert-less time right now, Combs has not slowed down for one single second in the past month that we’ve all been working from home. He is truly the best example of showing up and being insanely productive in this new normal.

Since his first live stream show from his garage on March 17, Combs has accepted the #DeepCutsChallenge, performed on the CBS ACM Our Country special, released a video, wrote a new song, helped outfit healthcare workers with Crocs, collaborated with Jameson Rodgers on a new duet, planned a live Q&A on Twitter, and wrote a song about the very situation we’re all in, called “Six Feet Apart.”

One quick scroll through his social media says it all:

“New song I wrote yesterday with @BrentCobb and @BigRobSnyder called ’Six Feet Apart.’ It’s about the current times and us looking forward to the day all of this is over. I hope y’all like it.”

“Going live on Twitter this Wednesday, April 15th at 8 PM ET! What do y’all want to hear me sing?!”

“True story: I am @jamesonrodgers No. 1 fan, so I was pumped to sing with him on his NEW SONG ’Cold Beer Calling My Name.’ It’s out now everywhere!

“Crocs cares, as do I. Honored to partner with my friends at @Crocs to donate thousands of pairs of Crocs to those risking it all on the front lines. Thank you to each & every worker at these hospitals, as well as hospitals all over the world. Y’all are the real heroes in this.”

“New song called ’Used to Wish I Was.’ Lots of things I wanted to be growing up, but now I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but me. Hope y’all like it and can relate!”

“I was the first man standing next to my best friend the day the love of his life said ’I do’ to him I was a couple beers deep but I still remembered that speech.”

“Tune in next Sunday, April 5 at 8/7c to CBS for Our Country presented by @ACMawards. I’ll be performing from home, but can’t wait to sing for y’all.”

“Here’s @ChrisStapleton’s ’What Are You Listening To’ for @MorganWallen’s #DeepCutsChallenge. Chris, I’m sorry I messed up the bridge, but hope y’all enjoy.”

“If you missed my livestream the other day, here it is! Sang ’Fast Car’ (Tracy Chapman cover), ’When It’s Raining’ (unreleased original), ’When It Rains It Pours’ and ’Hurricane.’ Y’all check it out and stay safe!’\”

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