I Walk Alone: Where Classic Country Meets Cabin Fever

Don't get around much anymore? Read on.

America is such a welcoming country that we are now hosting concurrent epidemics – COVID-19 and cabin fever. History will tell which was the more emotionally disruptive. Fortunately, there are effective remedies for surviving the forced confinement these plagues have thrust upon us, like reading food labels, drinking heavily, upbraiding our spouses and children, exercising by clenching and unclenching our fists, grooming our goldfish, cutting steps into the walls to facilitate climbing them, or just sitting around and listening to classic country songs about forced confinement. Like these:

“Another Place, Another Time”
(Jerry Lee Lewis, 1968)

Even though it was a comeback single for Jerry Lee Lewis (pictured above), last call is the death knell for the chronically lonely, almost like being banished from Eden. “Chairs are stacked all over tables, it’s closing time they say/I could wait right here forever if they’d only let me stay/Anywhere would be much better than that lonely room of mine/with a sleepless night awaiting for another place another time.”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.