When Sarah Buxton Opened Up, Jake Owen Showed Up

Read This Before Your Next Lip Injection Appointment

Over the weekend, country singer/songwriter Sarah Buxton posted several pictures and videos about how things turned ugly when she tried to make herself pretty. It started with a little lip augmentation last October, and now, six months later, she is finally ready to share the whole story.

“Hey babes. This happened to me last October. If you know anyone would could benefit from hearing about this, please share. If I can help even a few women reconsider trying this dangerous practice of injections, I will consider it WORTH IT,” Buxton wrote. “You don’t need to alter anything about yourself to be beautiful. Don’t buy into the lies! BEAUTY can’t be bought.”

The gist of her story is this: Buxton went to a very reputable cosmetic surgeon to give her lips a little jüj, but during the procedure, the injector hit an artery. Her lower lip turned black and blue, and she was in danger of losing the tissue. So she spent hours at the office while they tried to inject her lip with hyaluronidase, a dissolvable that makes the intital injection go away. It’s really Buxton’s story to tell, so you can watch her full confessional on her Instagram.
But make sure you stay tuned for the comments. So many of Buxton’s fans and friends showed up to praise her honesty, and even Jake Owen — who may not be able to totally relate because he’s a guy — was there for her with some comforting words.

“You’re a beautiful person inside and out. That’s what I and everyone has always loved about you! You’re YOU! Sarah Buxton is one of a kind. Stay that way,” Owen wrote in the comments.

Jessi Alexander told her, “So proud of your courage and bravery to be so transparent and HELP so many girls that are considering doing this.”

Natalie Stovall said, “Girl. THANK YOU. I had no idea about any of that. And you’re right – even if you aren’t necessarily prone to get fillers — it’s become SO NORMAL. And it’s hard not to start to want to get in on it or at least start admiring the way it looks. But Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you for sharing. Thank goodness you’re ok!”

Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne simply wrote, “You’re amazing Sarah.”

Tyler Hubbard’s wife Haley thanked her for sharing her story, adding, “I love you and your vulnerability! The world needs to know these things.”

Alyssa Bonagura said, “Ok just watched every story omg!!!!! Sarah!!!! Thank you for sharing this! So glad you’re ok.”

And Lucie Silvas told Buxton her own truth: “It’s awesome you posted this. I did Botox twice in one year after I turned 40 and it didn’t a change a thing I think about myself from the inside. And I thought I looked odd. I’ve always been too scared to do lips so just contour the crap outta them with a liner ☺️There are so many beautiful people in the world that show it in ways that aren’t seen in a photo or on a cover — it’s an energy we feel OR miss in people. Yours is magnetic and shines to everyone you meet. I love your honesty.”

Buxton is most well known for a few hits she wrote for Keith Urban (“Stupid Boy,” “Put You in a Song”) and her duet with Dierks Bentley on “Sweet & Wild.”

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