Why Old Dominion Take Pride in “Some People Do”

"It was uncomfortable at first, but we pushed ourselves past that," says Matthew Ramsey.

Old Dominion’s touching new video, “Some People Do,” is inspired by Jason Schneidman, a celebrity men’s groomer who turned his life around after overcoming addiction and homelessness. In his spare time, he helps out the homeless of Los Angeles, providing haircuts as a means to connect with those who may be battling addiction issues, and funds scholarships to rehab centers.

In February, Old Dominion joined him in Los Angeles to help out, then used that footage for “Some People Do.” The project comes to life through director Mason Allen, who travels with the band to document life on tour. Ramsey says, “He’s done videos for us before but this was the biggest project he has done for us. He absolutely crushed it.”

Take a look at Old Dominion’s “Some People Do,” then read our exclusive Q&A with Ramsey below the player.

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