Here’s Why Dolly Parton Is Still Doing Her Full Glam Routine During Quarantine

The Queen of Country Is "Following All the Social Distancing Rules"

Two-day old hair and sweatpants may cut it for the majority of Americans working from home right now during the coronavirus pandemic, but that simply doesn’t work for the Queen of Country.

In a new interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Dolly Parton reveals that she’s still sporting full glam during self-isolation, and honestly, we’re not the least bit surprised.

“I always say that the only way I’d be caught without makeup is if a radio fell into the bathtub and electrocuted me,” she joked in the interview. “So yes, I’m always in glam!”

Parton has been wearing wigs for so long that they’re almost as famous as her own public persona. Back in 2003, she explained to the Associated Press why she never leaves the house undone: “It’s important because I don’t want someone to see me and be disappointed. It got to be fun for me, a conversational piece. But this is how I think I look the best.”
This week, Parton is taking over the new Spotify playlist “At Home Together,” part of a new music hub called Listening Together, which includes two new guest-curated shelves, Together and In Case You Missed It.

Together will include five weekly playlists curated by artists, celebrities and influencers. The micro-hubs are called Cooking Together, Meditating Together, Working Out Together, At Home Together and Gaming Together, and will each have a guest-talent takeover per week.

Through the takeover, Parton also revealed that she’s doing well at home and “following all the social distancing rules, living on faith,” and “working like always, trying to bring some light anywhere that I can.”

Click here to listen to Parton’s curated playlist now.