Kenny Chesney Sends Emotional Postcards with Here and Now

Read his interview with CMT Hot 20 Countdown host Katie Cook

With a major tour on hold, Kenny Chesney is spending his days sheltering at home in Tennessee, watching Netflix, and discovering new and old music alike. Oh, and he’s also promoting a brand new album, Here and Now.

For this interview, he chatted remotely with CMT Hot 20 Countdown Host Katie Cook about the inspirations behind the new songs, including “Tip of My Tongue,” “Guys Named Captain,” and the hit title track.

CMT: For Here and Now, some of these songs came out of writing trips. You were wanting to reconnect with your writing friends, right?

Chesney: Yeah, that’s true. I was out in California a lot last year. I flew several people out on two different weeks and it was so much fun because we didn’t have our phones with us. I kind of frowned upon everybody checking their phone every 10 minutes as we’re trying to write a song, you know?

So it was really great. We got to all reconnect. We had two houses out there that everybody stayed in and we would have writing sessions in the morning and then we would have another at night. You never knew what somebody was gonna come up with.

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