LISTEN: Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking Share All the Things About Their Life & Love

Hocking Admits "It's Not Cute" About Their Engagement Story

When Luke Combs and his fiancée Nicole Hocking called into the Couple Things podcast recently, they shared so many things we didn’t know we didn’t know.

The podcast is hosted by Olympian Shawn Johnson and her husband NFL player Andrew East, and they have a way of getting their guests to open up about things they’ve never really shared before. Such as:

Hocking studied civil engineering in college.

When she first moved to Nashville, she worked at BMI during the week and was a bartender on the weekends.

They’d only been dating for about three or four months when Combs wrote “Beautiful Crazy” for Hocking. (Her favorite part of the song is near the end, when he sings “she’s crazy” three times.)

What she loves most about Combs is how thoughtful and caring he is.

What Combs’ loves most about Hocking is that she doesn’t take any shit from anybody.

Combs says his pet peeve is that she gets mad at him for nothing.

Hocking’s is that he leaves dirty shirts in a room she just cleaned.

Their chickens have been escaping.

They do not have UberEats or PostMates out where they live.

But when the talked turned serious, Hocking revealed how the two first started dating. “We kind of moved to Nashville around the same time as each other. And Nashville was different five years ago. Everyone kind of knew each other. Now it’s turned into a bachelorette town. Then we were down in Florida for a songwriter’s festival — and we were both single — and I was leaving a songwriters’ round and he was walking up late to it. By himself. I was like, ’Come hang out with us,'” she recalled. Combs added, “I looked bad, too. I was wearing $5 camo gym shorts from Walmart. Classy stuff. And the oldest t-shirt that I owned. I didn’t have anything going on when we met. I didn’t have a record deal, or a publishing deal or anything.”

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