Kenny Chesney Salutes No Shoes Nation in “We Do”

“I’ve wanted to paint this picture for a long time,” he says.

Kenny Chesney is celebrating his legion of fans — known as No Shoes Nation — with a brand new video, “We Do.” If you’ve ever been to a Chesney show, you’ll immediately recognize the fun-loving vibe that permeates his concerts, especially when he’s playing a stadium.

“I always say, ‘If people could see what we see from that stage, from the golf carts swooping through the parking lots, the top of the stadiums and everywhere else, they’d know why No Shoes Nation is the greatest group of passionate, loud, awesome people in the world!’” Chesney stated upon releasing the surprise video. “And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then here’s a billion of ‘em in this video, set to a song written from me to them. No holding back, just full on here it comes.”

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