Thomas Rhett’s Wife Lauren Says “I Know I’ll Feel Celebrated”

What Her Mother Taught Her About Teaching Kindness to Lennon, Ada and Willa

When you’re a mom, every day kind of feels like Mother’s Day. Because your baby is a blessing you get to cherish every day.

And now that Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins have three little blessings — 3-month-old Lennon Love, 2-year-old Ada James and 4-year-old Willa Gray — Akins told Good Morning America that no matter what her family does (or doesn’t do) for Mother’s Day on Sunday (May 10), she will feel good about it.

“It’s been a little nutty around the house with the baby,” Akins said. “One way or another, I know I’ll feel celebrated. Everyone says how much you love your children and how much joy your kids bring, but until you experience it, it’s like something I can’t get enough of. Even as exhausted as I am every day, there is no amount of exhaustion that could keep me from waking up to get to spend time with my girls.”

Akins’ honesty about motherhood is 100 percent accurate: “Getting to love on them and having them love on me is something that I never knew my heart could feel. My heart melts on a daily basis with my girls,” she said. “Even when I feel like they’re driving me up the wall about 30 seconds later, they do something sweet that just melts me all over again.”

As much as she has learned from her three daughters about motherhood, she also hopes she can teach them some life lessons. One in particular that she picked up from her own mother.

This the single most important lesson she hopes to teach Lennon, Ada and Willa: kindness.

“One thing that I think my mom was so good about — not only trying to teach us with her words, but getting to watch her live this out — was, she was always, and still is, so kind. She’s just kind to anyone she meets. I remember going to the grocery store around our house when we were growing up, and if she would see somebody she would stop and say hello, even if they would just talk and talk,” she said, “she would never try to cut anybody off. She always made you feel like you were her top priority no matter who you were — if she had just met you or if you were her best friend.

“I see how that beauty in her treating others so well made her even more beautiful, and as I’ve gotten older and looked back on that and see that not everyone is that way, it’s truly made me appreciate who she is.”

Akins also admitted that she loves the idea of a big family, but that three is a pretty solid number right now. “I think Thomas Rhett’s like, ’Let’s tap the brakes on talking about any more kids right now’ but it’s fun, it’s chaos,” she added. “I think we’re kind of used to living in chaos at this point.”

Remember Thomas Rhett’s song “Life Changes” about how Lauren has “her own set of fans/got a blue check mark by her Instagram/and I wrote a little song about holding her hand and now everybody wanna die a happy man“?

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