Is Garth Brooks Bringing Cowboy Back for FUN?

LISTEN: Sneak Peek of "That’s What Cowboys Do" and "Party Gras"

Garth Brooks’ fans are eager for new music. You might say they’re impatiently waiting on his highly anticipated album, FUN.

So during his last Facebook Live chat Inside Studio G, Brooks decided to give the people what they want. Even though the album isn’t 100 percent finished and/or ready to release, a few new songs are. And Brooks is releasing seven tracks on Amazon Music as of Tuesday (May 12). “You want new stuff? We’ll pick some stuff like ‘Party Gras’ and ‘That’s What Cowboys Do,’ stuff like that. It’ll be fun,” Brooks told his Facebook followers. “I’m telling you right now, it’s fun, but it’s friggin’ country music, okay? It’s country.”

Brooks has always kind of defined “country music” as “cowboy music,” since so many of his quintessential hits have been about that life. Pushin’ horns, farm hands, honky-tonks, dance halls, jukeboxes, swingin’ doors, longneck bottles, rodeos (and all of the good rides, blood, dust, mud, boots, chaps, cowboy hats, spurs, latigo, ropes, reins, joy, pain, saddles, and the bull no man could ride that comes with rodeo life).

You can listen to a bit of two tracks here:

“That’s What Cowboys Do”

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