Trisha Yearwood’s Lawn-Mowing Moment of Zen

"The Grass Doesn't Wait for You," She Explains

How’s this for a quarantine goal the rest of us may never live up to?

Trisha Yearwood has taken on the likely massive task of mowing her own lawn.

“I’ve made myself a goal of trying to do something productive every day,” Yearwood said in a recent chat with her fans. “It doesn’t have to be big. I mean, if get the laundry done, I’m like, ‘I did that!’”

Then she admitted that she has even started getting productive in an much more outdoorsy way. “I also started mowing the grass. I know that sounds crazy, but, you know, we have a big yard,” she said of the Nashville-area home she shares with her husband Garth Brooks. “We live on a farm, so we have different places that we have to mow. And we’re usually touring so we can’t mow all the time, and the grass doesn’t wait for you.

“I used to love to mow the grass as a kid! I used to beg my dad to let me mow the grass, so I’ve gotten back on that. And I’ve got to say that’s been really good therapy. Very zen.”

And then there’s Brooks, who Yearwood says is always out on the farm somewhere when she wakes up in the morning. “That’s what he does in the mornings. But when I got up, I walked into the kitchen,” she shared, “the dishes were done and coffee was made. He’s the best!”

Sounds like she’s in love with the boy.

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