Thomas Rhett: “I Just Feel Like the World Was in Darkness for a Minute”

All the Reasons We Need to "Be a Light" Right Now

In a time full of war, be peace. In a time full of doubt, just believe. In a world full of hate, be a light. In a place that needs change, make a difference. In a time full of noise, just listen. And in a race that you can’t win, slow it down.

Leave it to a country song to have the exact message of hope we all need right now.

Thomas Rhett didn’t write “Be a Light” because of the coronavirus pandemic, but it sure sounds like he did. He wrote the ballad with Matt Dragstrem, Josh Thompson, and Josh Miller last year, but it is just right for right now.

“I’ve been wanting to release ‘Be A Light’ since the day that I wrote it,” Rhett said in a recent radio interview. “And when all this stuff happened, I mean from the tornadoes in Nashville, now to the Covid-19 coronavirus, I feel like now there is no better time to release a song like ‘Be A Light.'”

“I just feel like the world was in darkness for a minute,” he added, “and so I think a song like this can be really encouraging for people.”

The song features guest vocals from Reba McEntire, Keith Urban, contemporary Christian singer Chris Tomlin and Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott. Their voices come together so naturally, so seamlessly and so convincingly. “When I had asked some of my buddies to get on the song, it was an immediate yes, which was so cool,” he said. “And when they jumped on the song, man, it just took it to a whole different level. I am so proud of this song and really hope that this song can be an encouragement to people who are going through kind of a tough time right now.”

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