Chase Rice Won’t Let His World Stop, Releases The Album Part II

Read his interview with Hot 20 Countdown

Chase Rice is ready for the road. Of course, coronavirus put everyone’s touring plans on hold, yet this star isn’t letting it stop him from releasing a brand new project, The Album Part II.

During an interview with CMT Hot 20 Countdown, he spoke from his farm about his future plans, his dedication to his band and crew, and his decision to move forward with the new release, a four-song project that arrives just four months after The Album Part I.

“I figured, for me, a different way to put out music. I don’t see a whole lot of people going to buy CDs anymore, throwing ‘em in their truck and listening to the whole album like I used to,” he says. “So instead of fighting it, I was like, hey, what’s the best way to get each song the most respect that it can possibly have? So I put out The Album Part I. I had seven songs on it — and that was honestly too many. I want to put out less music more often and give the songs an actual opportunity to be heard.”

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