Memphis Aldean, Ada Akins and Forrest Decker Pass the Toddler Temptation Test

WATCH: Well-Behaved Children Live Through the Longest 90 Seconds Ever

This must’ve been sheer torture.

Not just on the children, but on the parents filming their little one’s ability to resist temptation. In what’s become known in the past few days as the #ToddlerChallenge — or more appropriately the #ToddlerTemptationChallenge — country artists have been clandestinely filming their kid’s reaction to being left alone with something sweet while mommy goes to the bathroom. It’s only about a 90-second ordeal, but it feels like a lifetime. Possibly longer.

And now the results of this Candid Camera-style test are in.

Jason Aldean’s son Memphis took on a chocolate-frosted donut with sprinkles and won.

Thomas Rhett’s daughter Ada took on an abundant bowl of jelly beans and won.

Jessie James Decker’s son Forrest took on a Ring Pop and won.

And Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard’s daughter Liv took on a handful of chocolate chips and won.

See for yourself exactly how the toddlers dealt with each temptation: