These Black Artists, Songwriters Make a Mark in Modern Country Music

Jimmie Allen, Kane Brown, songwriter Jamie Moore have earned No. 1 singles this year.

Although the African American presence has been part of country music from the very beginning, many black artists, songwriters, musicians and producers have established themselves solidly in the modern country music community, too — ranging from radio stars like Kane Brown, Jimmie Allen, and Darius Rucker, to collaborators such as Rhiannon Giddens, Lil Nas X and Lionel Richie.

With “Homesick,” Kane Brown landed his fifth consecutive No. 1 single at country radio, following “Good as You,” “Lose It,” “Heaven,” and “What If.” Just a week before it rose to the top for two weeks in March, Allen claimed the chart pinnacle with “Make Me Want To.” The Delaware native earlier distinguished himself as a recording artist with the No. 1 single, “Best Shot.”

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