Alyssa Micaela Creates a Colorful Video for “Tie Dye”

"Being different is what makes us beautiful."

Through her original songwriting and winning personality, Alyssa Micaela has been building a fan base in Nashville and beyond. A native of Odessa, Texas, she found an early champion in songwriter Liz Rose, who helped her get established in Nashville’s creative community while Micaela was still a teenager. More than a decade later, that work ethic has paid off, as two of Micaela’s songs have surpassed three million streams on Spotify.

In the opening scenes of her colorful new video, it’s clear that she’s a fan of Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, and Hank Williams, too. Enjoy the video for “Tie Dye,” then read our interview with Alyssa Micaela below the player.

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