What Cole Swindell Had to Say About His Last “Single Saturday Night”

Damn If He Didn’t Find What He Wasn't Even Looking For

Cole Swindell is ready to talk about how it feels — or how it felt or how it might feel — to have his very last “Single Saturday Night.”

In a call with reporters on Wednesday (June 17), Swindell admitted that this brand new song reminds him of his very first song from the summer of 2013, “Chillin’ It.” The new tune — written by Hardy, Mark Holman and Ashley Gorley — will be on Swindell’s upcoming album.

“’Chillin’ It’ is the one that started it all, and that was a little different,” Swindell explained. “And then I got to show my serious side, and now to me, this one is a jam and it’s so well written. And I just wanted to put out something like the one that got me here.

“This is the one I couldn’t quit listening to.”

Part of that comes from the whole sound that he considers a summer jam. But the other part is the lyrics, as it so often is in a country song. Especially that part about the church at the end.

“This lyric is about being out and seeing somebody that night,” Swindell said. And as for the line about the White Claw (pretty red lips, working on a White Claw), he admitted, “I’d never heard that in a song. It’s cool to see the way Hardy thinks about things and the way he words them. His whole vibe is just Hardy. He’s the dude right now. He’s always got a cooler way of saying things, and that’s what songwriting is all about.

“And the twist at end: from going to church to picking out a church is brilliant. Whether you’ve had your last single Saturday night or you’re still looking for it, whatever side you’re on, everybody can enjoy it.”

For the upcoming album’s tunes that Swindell’s been writing with his go-to writers, he says the video-call process is different. But he’s so grateful for technology. “For a minute, everybody was like, ’This is weird.’ But we’re just thankful we can still write. And I’m gonna keep writing. But I miss the personal connection, and there’s nothing like being in that room and writing a song you can’t wait for the world to hear.”

The gist of the story in this new song is that he’s out doing shots with the guys, then looks over at a girl, and the next thing he knows, they’re going to church together. And by the end of the song, they’re picking one out for their wedding. If only forever could happen like that, in three minutes, when you’re not even looking for it: I wasn’t looking for love when I walked through the door/But damn if I didn’t find what I wasn’t even looking for.

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