Will Hoge Finds the Drive to Succeed by Filming His New Video Himself

Watch "Even the River Runs Out of This Town"

A fixture on Nashville’s rock ’n’ roll scene, Will Hoge has been making music his own way for decades now. He took that DIY work ethic to heart while making his new music video, “Even the River Runs Out of This Town.” The fledgling filmmaker even named his upcoming album Tiny Little Movies — a title that suits his gift for showmanship, writing sweeping melodies, and crafting character studies in song.

Country fans may already know Hoge’s name from his empowering single, “Strong,” and as a co-writer on Eli Young Band’s enduing hit, “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.” Take a look at “Even the River Runs Out of This Town,” then read our interview below the player.

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