UPDATE: Carly Pearce and Michael Ray Split After Less Than a Year of Marriage

Pearce Shares That It Has Been an "Intense Time in a Lot Of Ways"

After eight months of marriage, country singers Carly Pearce and Michael Ray are calling it quits. Pearce filed for divorce on Friday (June 22), according to People.com.

Ray and Pearce were married on Oct. 6, 2019, on a Nashville-area farm, after a little over a year of dating. After getting to know each other through the music industry, the two hit it off at a house party that Pearce hosted during the summer of 2018.

The pair made their relationship red-carpet official at the CMA Awards in November 2018, and a month later, Ray surprised Pearce with a proposal during a family vacation to Tulum, Mexico.

In recent months, the couple posted noticeably less about each other on social media, each sharing respective birthday tributes back in April and with Ray congratulating his wife after Pearce’s hit, “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” hit No. 1 on the Billboard country airplay chart last week.

And in a Zoom call with reporters on June 15, Pearce alluded to their lack of togetherness, saying that she’s been staying busy with her own music and Ray was staying busy with his music. “Michael’s busy working on new music and is really focused on that,” Pearce said.”And I’m just focused on my stuff and we obviously are super supportive of each other. I know that everybody keeps asking me where Michael is, but he’s just really focused on music. And I think he’s not posting a lot and doing a lot of things just for a reason.

“I’m really proud of him for the music that he’s working on right now. I think it’s a big evolution for him, and I think people are really going to get to know him. I’m happy for him in that.”

She added that even watching her song rise up to the top of the charts was a little bittersweet because of the timing of everything in the world and in her own world. “Obviously this has been a hard time for everybody to adjust to, and it’s been an intense time for me. In a lot of ways.”

The pair was last seen together in public on June 6 when they performed at the Grand Ole Opry (without a live audience).