Brandy Clark Invites You to Read Such a Fun Age, Too

She'll chat with author Kiley Reid on July 6

Brandy Clark is plotting the next move for her book club, which will be discussing Kiley Reid’s intruiging novel Such a Fun Age, on Monday, July 6. The chat with Clark and the author will take place on Clark’s Facebook page.

Such a Fun Age landed on my radar because it was an OVERWHELMING choice by the book club for our next read,” the singer-songwriter tells

The storyline kicks in immediately as Emira, a Black babysitter in her mid-20s, is confronted by a security guard and a white woman on suspicion of kidnapping a white child she’s caring for, during a late-night trip to an upscale grocery store in Philadelphia. While Emira is ready to put the episode behind her, the perspectives of the other characters in the book — including the child’s parents, the man who films the incident, and Emira’s best friends — all have something to say about the aftermath of the incident.
By email, Clark answered a few questions for about her favorite character in the book, what she’d like to ask Reid during the book club, and her hopes for any fans who might like to read along.

CMT: Why did the idea of a book club appeal to you?

I love a book club because a.) I love the shared experience of all diving into the same world for a book and b.) It forces me to read and fall in love with books and authors that I wouldn’t choose on my own.

The author is a Black woman. Do you feel that her perspective in “real life” shapes the way this story is told in fiction?

I 100% feel that the author being a Black woman shapes this story. I don’t think a white author would understand the way that Emira sees the world and her situation in the same way.

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