Country Legends We Love: Willie Nelson

From "Family Bible" to First Rose of Spring, this Texan brings country music to the world

You just can’t say Willie Nelson’s name without smiling. The Texas icon is known for taking country music to the world and in turn he brought the world to country music. On the occasion of the release of First Rose of Spring, (his 143rd album by the count of Texas Monthly), and of course because of his long-running Fourth of July Picnics, CMT recognizes Nelson as a legend we love.

During his long career, Nelson may be best known for his good works, for his extraordinary songwriting, his mastery of many music genres, and for the durability and strength of his live performances. As a singer, songwriter, all-around entertainer, bandleader, consummate duet partner, actor and social activist, he has no rival in the world of popular music.

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