Why Midland Is Selling the Guitars That Built Them

Vintage and Modern, Acoustic and Electric, Fenders and Gibsons: All Looking for a Good Home

There is one guitar — a 2013 Fender Ron Emory acoustic guitar, named for the punk rock True Sounds of Liberty’s guitarist who designed it — that first got country trio Midland off the ground. And now, it’s for sale.

In fact, a whole collection of the country band’s guitars are for sale in the Official Midland Reverb Shop, which will go live on July 15.

Midland’s frontman Mark Wystrach says that that particular Ron Emory guitar was the one that he, Cameron Duddy and Jess Carson passed around on the porch of a cabin overlooking the Teton Mountains in 2013. That was when the band was born.

“Midland was the result of that magical atmosphere mixed with a little bit of alcohol, some nostalgia, and three buddies who are musicians. It was the perfect setting and the perfect chemical reaction to start Midland,” Wystrach said of the night they officially formed their trio. “This is the guitar that started it all and I can’t wait for someone to own this exciting piece of country music history.” The guitar is now autographed by Wystrach, Duddy and Carson. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this guitars and others will benefit the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas.

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