Here Comes the “Bridezilla” Video from O’Shea

"There's so much love and fun in there that we felt all mushy!" says the duo.

The husband-and-wife duo O’Shea share a story that will be relatable to any bride-to-be in their sentimental and sometimes silly new video, “Bridezilla (It Only Gets Better).”

Based in Nashville but with roots in Australia, Mark and Jay O’Shea wrote the song with Nashville actress Clare Bowen and her husband Brandon Robert Young. As O’Shea tell, “We were all reminiscing about the crazy things that happened at our weddings and started to realize that there’s crazy stuff at EVERY wedding and ultimately it doesn’t matter at all!”

Some fans may remember O’Shea from CMT’s vintage series, Can You Duet? And try this on for size: Jay spent a day playing dress-up in a bridal shop while Mark makes an occasional camera and also directed the video.

Take a look at “Bridezilla (It Only Gets Better)” and read our interview below the player.

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