Tim McGraw on What He Thinks Is “All Any Artist Really Wants”

How He Hopes Aspiring Singers Will Find Catharsis In His Music

This is it.

This is, according to Tim McGraw, what he thinks all any artist really wants: for their music to be someone else’s catharis.

That’s what McGraw had to say when he picked up his Billionaire Plaque from Pandora. The honor was a surprise for McGraw, who they shared the news with during a recent Zoom call. McGraw’s streaming accomplishments on the Pandora platform include having over seven billion lifetime spins, getting more than 12 million streams per week, and being one of the top 25 most-streamed artists of all time on Pandora.

“I’ve been so fortunate to do this as a career and have done it for so long,” McGraw said, staying humble and kind. “I’ve had 30 years in the music business, and it’s brought me everything good in my life.

“Music is such catharsis to me and has been since I was little boy. To know that maybe, in some little way, my music has been that for someone else, is all any artist really wants.”

His next album Here on Earth, due out on August 21, will probably keep McGraw in the running for any and all future Pandora awards.

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