After His Pedicure, Thomas Rhett Says He Thinks He Could Handle Seven Kids

What His Three Daughters Have Taught Him About the Possibility of a Bigger Family

I’m not suggesting that the invigorating pedicure Thomas Rhett got from his daughter Ava James over the weekend is the exact reason why he wants more kids, but I also think he’s painting a pretty cool picture of how chill fatherhood can be.
Because not only was he just letting his middle daughter — he and his wife Lauren Akins have three girls — give him a pale pink pedicure, he seemed very laid back about the whole experience. And then in a recent radio interview, he opened up about how once you go two kids to three, as he did when Lennon Love was born in February of this year, he could easily go from three to seven kids.

“I thought that adding three to the mix would be a lot harder,” Thomas Rhett said, “but it really just tacks on a little bit to the chaos. I think when you have more than two kids, you could have five, six, seven.”

I think I know exactly what he means. Once you have three kids, they outnumber you and your parenting partner. And once you’ve crossed over into that territory, adding more kids would be a piece of cake. Chaotic, but still somehow easy.

“I mean, it does get harder but I think that as they kind of become into that one-and-a-half year old to two-year range it starts to get little bit easier. I would say the infant stage is definitely the hardest. But I think once Lennon starts to get six months to a year, I think it’s gonna be just fine.”

Lennon will hit her six month mark in August, so let’s see if Thomas Rhett and Lauren and Willa and Ada and Lennon are ready to open their arms to another bundle of joy or four.