Joey Hyde and His Dog Find a Fun New Way to “Live It Up”

He filmed new video in one continuous shot.

When all your rowdy friends aren’t coming over tonight, then it’s time to get creative. For his new video, “Live It Up,” Nashville musician Joey Hyde turns the daily chore of walking the dog into an upbeat hang with his best friends.

He tells, “Since we filmed the video content during Covid, all of my buddies directed and shot themselves. Everyone in the video either played or sang something on the recording, so it was really fun for me to have the whole team involved. Once they all shot their footage, I sifted through it all and time stamped the parts that I loved.”

If you’re a fan of Nashville’s songwriting community, then you’re sure to spot some familiar faces in this video. Enjoy “Live It Up,” then read our interview with Joey Hyde below the player.

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