SAVE THE DATE: Tim McGraw Will Be Here on Earth (and in Your Home) on Aug. 21

Get Your Tickets Today for His Virtual Concert and Conversation

You know when you go to a really intimate concert and it kind of feels like the artist is playing just for you in your living room? That’s what this sounds like.

It is Tim McGraw’s Here On Earth Experience, and it’s happening on August 21 at 8:00 p.m. CT, to coincide with his album release.

It’s a live stream, obviously, so you can virtually be there while he gives you a behind-the-scenes look at his upcoming album Here on Earth. And he won’t just be playing the songs. McGraw will be talking to the album’s songwriters, sharing the stories behind the 16 new tunes, and when it is time for him to perform, he will do so backed with a five-piece super-acoustic band.

“The thing I miss the most about playing live is the connection I feel to everyone. Even if we can’t physically be together this summer, hopefully this will give us a chance to share the new album and know how much we are still together seeing each other through,” McGraw said in a press release.

This is not a free live stream, so you need to buy tickets when they go on sale on Tuesday (July 21) here.

Here on Earth tracklist:

1. “L.A.”
2. “Chevy Spaceship”
3. “Here On Earth”
4. “Damn Sure Do”
5. “Hallelujahville”
6. “Good Taste In Women”
7. “Hard To Stay Mad At”
8. “Sheryl Crow”
9. “Not From California”
10. “Hold You Tonight”
11. “7500 OBO”
12. “If I Was A Cowboy”
13. “I Called Mama”
14. “Gravy”
15. “War Of Art”
16. “Doggone”

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