Shania Twain’s Risk Paid Off With “Any Man of Mine”

Her classic hit reached No. 1 this week in 1995

Are you prepared to watch this shocking video by Shania Twain? Beware, she’s frolicking in a field, surrounded by horses and wagon wheels. And even though she’s wearing jeans and a denim jacket, you can see… her BELLY BUTTON!!

Yes, the video for “Any Man of Mine” — and Twain’s entrance into country music — caused some ripples of controversy. Nonetheless, the fans won out and the song became Twain’s first No. 1 country hit this week in 1995.

“I call that my career song,” she told CMT Insider in 2004. “That’s the song I think that really, really broke me in a big way, because it was so different.”

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